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Homes in this mostly flat landscape of Louisiana are concrete slab on top of a raised earth pad that is a Code required maximum 36 inch height from 0' grade.

What is the best approach in Chief Architect X11 to draw the 1 & 1/2 story Acadian style homes elevated slab foundation that features front and back full length porches extending off the pad?

The porch support posts are sitting on square brick piers 8 feet from the pad.

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You should be able to build the terrain, and where you place the house, do an flat terrain elevation region. If you set your terrain at zero, make the elevation of the flat pad +36. Then model the home within the boundaries of the terrain region. You can adjust the terrain region so that it is back under the porches.

Several Articles in the Knowledge Base help files are good to review as well:

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Thanks folks.

I'll study and attempt those recommendations. I am still coming up to speed on the program. Learning the terminology and skills.

I am enjoying it all though. From this novices perspective we have very intuitive features and tools in Chief Architect Premiere X11 as compared to other OTS programs.

I am drawing all based on existing as built 20 year old home to ensure my planned kitchen & bath remodel (and any future adds/changes) captures the unique architecture of the home. 

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Many thanks to Evolution and all.

I believe I followed your advice with the following summary of actions.


Q rephrased.- How to create a “Building Pad Elevation” that is 36 in. above the sites flat terrain?


This shows what, why and how of terrain:


Follow link in Chief's help to see how to use Terrain tools-  "Raised Region tool creates a raised area with a top surface that is flattened like a plateau but follows the surface of the terrain. 
Terrain> Build Terrain to generate the terrain surface based on the provided elevation data. Build Terrain also updates the Building Pad Elevation value in the Terrain Specification dialog."

Now set walls on top of this or draw the raised region so it encompasses the existing floor plan if already drawn. 
This appears to have worked, so this will close out my open issue/question.


Chief Architect Premier X11 (64 Bit)

MS Windows 10

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