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  1. For my posted Plan: SNestor fixed my roof. Alaskan_Son provided fix for cheek wall. Solver's and others advice and suggestions applied to Plans. I'll remember to save Plan View to make it easier for members to assist when posting Plans. I was waiting to build framing until some of these major issues fixed. Keep me straight. All advice given is greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks Gene and Mick. Yes. I was waiting to build framing until roof and some other issues debugged which other members assisted and roof is on right now I think. Maybe it is safe to do it now. I need to look into that template issue and Saved Plan views because this is a plan carried over from X11.
  3. I believe you Eric. Maybe my syntax is the issue. The space I am describing is existing as-built and is physically on the 2nd floor level. Imagine having a room same floor level via hinged door entry with no walls, no ceiling and no conditioning. A real man cave.
  4. In as-built I need to replace existing window with a smaller height new one. Window supplier asks me the following: Is it new construction or remodel? Need to determine if we use nominal versus actual size for the window. Window remodel contractor wants a completely framed RO w/Header and also a finished opening/sheathing exterior over that framing to be able to measure for exact fit w/1/8" variance. *I note that Genes advice will apply in any case. My thinking for my as-built: Assumption #1- is that "net unit size" stated by Micha
  5. Wow. C'est beaucoup bon Michael. A video says 10,000 words. I saw you were working from 1st floor level to be able to see the hole in roof from dormer to pull it out and fix it. You are also correct on framing. I understand I need to do this after these type issues are ironed out.
  6. I did create new thread ATTIC FLOOR and posted plan there. But to address the advice- "build new "blank" floor": I lost you. This is area on same 2nd floor level. Not split level. There is also attic above this 2nd level. Functions as an unconditioned attic space with plywood platform floor/no finish floor where mechanicals (HVAC) and electric panel are placed and require access. So I created a room with door and modified walls and showed no ceiling. CA Reference manual only shows me floors created above or below current flo
  7. I needed a mechanical area/attic area with a floor in attic. So I did this: Defines a room with walls. (type- Attic) Then door and floor added. Changed wall types: Railing wall- Wall dbx/General/checked Railing; Room Divider type on another. Created new wall type on some walls as seen and defined them by deleting wall layer #1- Drywall to show studs in unfinished attic area. fyi: Walls not framed yet so I believe that may be why it looks like paneling on some attic walls from removal of drywall on layer 1. However, more experienced folks li
  8. OK. Looks like a new thread for Attic Floor may be needed. I'll create one now.
  9. Thanks SNestor for the heads up. My search shows "Create a new floor by selecting Build> Floor> Build New Floor from the menu"? There was no floor before I drew new walls in attic area and modified them. I'll check your videos if you show the methodology there.
  10. Thanks for the question DzinEye. Defines a room with walls. (type- Attic) Then door and floor added. Changed wall types: Railing wall- Wall dbx/General/checked Railing; Room Divider type on another. Created new wall type on some walls as seen and defined them by deleting wall layer #1- Drywall to show studs in unfinished attic area. fyi: Walls not framed yet so I believe that may be why it looks like paneling on some attic walls from removal of drywall on layer 1.
  11. That is an attic and I need to look at putting floor in part of that space. Blower and water tanks reside in it. I'm guessing invisible walls to define it to make a space to identify it.
  12. Any points for almost? Made wall a pony wall to get bottom most interior type. But not quite all of wall.
  13. Ok DzinEye. Exploded it and checked 'lower wall split by butting roof'. Now dormer and interior walls look good. But lower wall split not having effect on attic side of wall.
  14. Ok I did view CA/Scott video #10211. I think I see what you all are saying in my head now. In my example: I do not need detail for demo framing on as-built windows as example. But I do for new remodel plan. So just draw and use the details specifically needed out of that plan/ ("relationally") framing for new faux window and new resized window and the corresponding framing for their placement.
  15. Still searching for more insights to what DAVIDJPOTTER says: ...relationally correct "as built" plan file and then "save as" a copy of it for versions of additions and renovations. Does this mean framing should also be built out in as-built plan so remodel plan can show changes and new material more accurately? Simple example- Kitchen getting new cabinets on existing floor plan. But one window on exterior wall will be filled in as faux window and another exterior wall window will change in size.
  16. Having issue with auto dormer cheek wall laying into attic wall and roof correctly. I viewed and liked SNESTOR and solver advice on other similar issues, but not able to apply to this one yet. Any movement of attic wall or auto dormer produces unconnected wall errors or dormer cannot find back wall error. I can post plan but attachments my suffice?
  17. solver Solution applied: Looks fixed now. I watched solver video and took notes of his plan dbx specs. I found floor material region he referenced was easy to apply. ( pg. 749 -CA X12 Reference Manual) I've got 5 of these transom mulled units in interior walls, 2 exterior wall door mulled transom units and 5 exterior wall window mulled transom units. I think using this solution this keeps me out of trouble for any possible future changes in the plan. In my first attempt I saw baseboard trim didn't fit against casing. It does now. Pics b
  18. I realized I missed responding to SNestor question- Changed your brick walls...I didn't see a need for a pony wall...maybe I missed something? I was attempting a soldier brick course on top brick walls. Thought I saw one example using pony wall to achieve the effect. But now that roof is fixed I will try again. I will check SNestor and solver videos to see better example of this. Now that roof is fixed I will be posting issue for dormers that is difficult for me.
  19. Thank you SNestor. I'll go through dbx details and videos and note the changes implemented. Thanks to Solver also for the degrees suggestion. I'll experiment with that also.
  20. Thanks Eric. I'll get back to the design later today and will apply your suggestion and post a reply. I have not tried degrees yet. I am pretty certain room heights are correct and need to stay as designed.
  21. plan AS-BUILTCURRENTv5.0roof.plan
  22. Appreciate any advice on fixing hip roof issues. House is rectangular with hip roof. Issues: 1. Using Build- roof for hip style roof ridge board is too short. Shows to be about 5' long. Ridge board is approx. 15' 1/2" long. Pitch used was 1:8. 2. Actual measurements using laser level inside attic show approx. 36 degrees on long side and approx. 31.4 degrees on shorter side. I assume that translates to 1:9 long side and 1:8 shorter side. This creates gap between roof planes. Plan is attached.
  23. I also have had same issue. I tried solver solution and applying it seems to have fixed several design flaws in my design for multiple transom topped doorways. I watched solver YOUTube video to apply it. If I understand the solution correctly, I need to create the material (polyline solid or thin slab object) to go on top of sill to fill in the area and then make it match a floor material on either side of doorway or define it as same material if matching floor types on each side.
  24. Issue in X12 when using break tool to adjust wall for an extension over a column. Bare wall end fir stud and overhead framing stud can be seen in wall section instead of drywall. See attached file/pic. I do not believe soffit is viable solution as I am seeing that soffits will not frame. So framing is important. *************************** Many thanks to Solver as he addressed this issue and resolved it for my needs by applying different wall types to the wall area drawing. I posted my original files as reference and Solver's solution file (18
  25. Ah! Looks so simple now. I believe I see differences in walls (pony/divider+default wall type ) to make the solution. And looks like they both frame out as needed even better than one wall broken up. I will make separate thread and reference your solution. FYI: I will also post thread for a second floor dormer walls soon. Beaucoup Thanks.