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4 hours ago, Alan_Smith said:

I have been trying to get this type of window in a design but cannot figure out how.  Probably simple but I am at a loss.  Any Ideas? 

I had an instance similar to this that required site built glazing within the members of a timber-frame truss. It was at a gable end so I used a custom wall type to represent the glass, and my timber truss was a p-solid that was in the same location as the wall. That way, there were no frames or sashes visible. It is an expensive construction method. The same process could be used to show factory built windows by adding a 3d molding in (elevation or section view) around the spaces of the timber truss to represent the sash, frame, jamb-liner etc. Then, by using a separate layer for those moldings, it's 1 click to show both options.

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