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    • By Sweeney
      Hi All, 
      Not necessarily a software related question, more of a detail question. I am designing a pool house with a large roof overhang. The client would like to expose the steel I-beams being used to support the rafters. Wondering if any of you have details you are willing to share of I-beam to rafter connections? How to properly flash wall above steel? Run the SPF top plate thru and bolt to the beam? Anything is appreciated.

    • By TJDesign
      Good Afternoon - 
      I have put in some half walls and some beams to an interior space.  Where the half walls are, they block my beams.  It appears that they are invisible above where they show on the bottom and then blocks the beam at the ceiling.  Is there a different way to do a half wall so that it doesn't do that?  Picture below shows what I'm talking about... that beam is drawn all the way to the window but when I put the half wall in that beam disappeared.
      I'm running X9 Interiors on a Windows 10 platform.
      Thanks in advance.

    • By ChiefBe
      I am trying to open multiple brick walls with large openings supported by posts and beams. The exterior wall will then have multiple adjacent windows, all connected to each other.
      However I can't manage to do this with Chief Architect. 
      When using a window, he doesn't allow me to continue the window, passing the perpendicular wall.
      I tried to use posts and beams, however I can't find a way to say that the upper wall is carried by that post/beam and there's no need to keep a small part of wall to carry everything. 
      As pictures say a lot more than words, on the left what I can do, and on the right I would like to do:
      Any advice on forcing ChiefArchitect to draw windows past the perpendicular wall is definitely welcome !