importing 3d terrain form google Map


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It would be an interesting experiment but not likely to produce the results you are expecting.  Others have tried and experienced significant accuracy issues due to the google data. You could import it as a symbol and make sure it is to proper scale and then set up a grid and do a sectional analysis and use the elevation data to create a chief terrain or just place elevation points in a grid pattern over the symbol and tweak them until you get an acceptable match. 


It will really depend on the specific site and your expectations of what the data will be used for.


Your site looks to be quite large and relatively flat so it might be possible to make something work.  Possibly the type of terrain that google would not have too much of a problem with but no guarantees.


I have had some success turning high resolution areal photos into a material and applying to very moderate terrain but this is not really something that chief excels at.  You may actually be better off exporting your model back into sketchup.


Keep us posted of your progress.



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