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  1. Here is the way! First point some points here to determine min and max ranges for latitude and longitude (it will be a rectangular field at finish) https://www.daftlogic.com/sandbox-google-maps-find-altitude.htm Even two points will be enough by diagonal of a rectangular. Also you can use any other service to determinate coordinates in decimal format. GoogleMaps for example. So now you have information about latitude range - from/to and about longitude range. Then sign up to https://replit.com/ and you will be able to run Python scripts online. You can quickly sign up with Google or othe cross-sotial account. Now you must create your own Python repl and paste to it some code, described below: I wrote this code that can generates pairs of coordinates inside you rectengular field with some step. https://replit.com/@DaniilChiernien/Coordinates-grid#main.py See "Code" tab and copy code from my repl to your Python project. Since that you will be able to change some parameters in code. Here it are: Nmin, Nmax, Emin, Emax - latitude/longitude ranges that you have took on first step. StepN, StepE - is how dense calculate points on both axises. Descrease Step will encrease dence grid prodused. Note that too mutch points will make bugs in Cheif Architect. Usualy about 1000 points is enough. You may try experimentally. Run the csript and it writes results to coordinates_grid.txt near the main script file. Now the most interesting. Download coordinates_grid.txt Go to https://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input and upload it there. Change following settings: Output format: Plain text GPX Plain text delimiter: comma Add DEM elevation data: best available source (it will add altitude data to points in best way!!!) show advanced options, Remove all tracks: Yes (it will descrease a size of result file) Now push "Convert" and download GPX file. Import GPX to CA as "Import GPS Data" and build the terrain.
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    Are any news for m² since 2017 ?