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Hi Just wondering if anyone has been able to draw a twisted roof plane ....I have  a job that involves an addition to a building where one wall of the building angles in at 5 degrees rather than being parallel to the opposite wall.  The roof planes are pitched off these walls with the same baseline height. The roof pitched off the standard wall is  at 30 Degrees and the roof pitched off the angled wall starts at 30 degrees and  gradually twists to a greater pitch to maintain the same base and ridge height  as the distance between the walls reduces.

As a result I'm struggling to work out how to make the this roof plane twist! ....not sure if it is possible but thought I'd ask ....using X9  


Thanks & cheers  zac

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Easy to do if you want a sloping, non parallel ridge - but you want a parallel, level ridge.

Chief can't do a twisted roof plane with the standard roof tools.

You may be able to use some of the other modelling tools, but you won't end up with a "smart" roof.

I did this one quickly using the Terrain tool.

It's a bit hard to see but this is a twisted roof getting steeper as the walls converge, with a level ridge parallel to the rear wall, which is what I understood you to mean.

It is easy to Convert Selection to Symbol once you have it built. 

New Image_164.jpg

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Chief will tell you it can not be done.  There are ways to do a work around.  This one used dozens of roof planes.  Each one had a slightly different pitch and angle that followed the fascia.  The fascia was a 3d molding set to the wall tops.  In the real world, this would be really tough to build.  This one was an existing structure so I had no choice.

angle roof.jpg

angle roof 2.jpg

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