cabinets colors overlapped


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had two versions of colour cabinets that I sent to layout. 
one version overlapped the other. now I cannot change it back to the one I want.
I tried changing it with the Painter or open the Object and change the texture, but it didn't work.
at the bottom of the screen it says:  Painting: Glossy leather... Target: Glossy leather...
I run out of ideas how to fix it.
any idea how to correct it??

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If you are talking about having problems changing the color/finish of a cabinet or any other object one thing you need to first check is your plans list of materials. Often if you review this will see duplicates, these duplicates are problematic. Say your cabinet finish is color white and you wish to change it to color blue with the spray can, but in your plan materials there are two color whites in the list, when you select color blue from the library and hover over your color white cabinet and click apply which of the two color whites in the material list does it change. The one it changes may not be the one that is associated with that cabinet and therefore the cabinet color does not change. To overcome this issue just open up the plan material list and whenever you see a duplicate just use the rename function and add a prefix or suffix to it to make it unique, now everything should work just fine.


Not sure exactly why CA allows duplicate naming in the plan material list, this should never happen but it does and can happen very often if you are making lots of changes to your materials.

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