Needing building plans to submit to turn single family home into 2 units.

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We have owned a single family home for over 20 years and now are in need to legalize it from a Single Family Home to 2 units. We need to submit plans with elevation info to legalize. The home is in Oakland, CA. If you are in my area please contact me. Thank you.


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Are you converting one to an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)? 

it can be up to 1200 sqft of the existing

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If you need to legalize it I assume then that the house is already turned into two separate units, correct?


There are some pitfalls to that that you need to take into consideration.


Such as, the city may want you to remove some walls to verify framing and drywall, etc.



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Down here in Oz, the units would have to be separated by appropriate soundproofing and fireproofing.

Depending on the configuration, this can be very difficult to achieve. 

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