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  1. Were in CA? Northern, Sacramento, Bay Area? I serve Northern and Sacramento, Do you need services only in the Design Development? Permit Processing?
  2. Hi Potential Customer I am in Northern CA and very familiar with all codes and jurisdictions I have my own team and engineers, email me at:
  3. California might be the most difficult building code in the world The Bay Area the worst You could expect 40% of your time in project management. Drawing is the easy part You can be looking at a year out
  4. Look at services offered. Link: Ericpv is usually the most advertised Renee Rabbit posts quite a lot
  5. Renee Rabbit is in your area. There are a few others in the East Bay and vicinity that can help if he is too busy I'm in the Gold Country, but on occasion take a project in the Bay Area, having grown up in Marin.
  6. Hi Adam, I am located in the Sierra Foothills and service South Lake Tahoe and El Dorado County CA is probably the most insane building code in the world, I would be happy to discuss further. I'll PM you
  7. Not myself, but I would refer Farzan, who is part of the Chief users world wide, I have used him for over 4 years and I use Matterport for most of my As-Built in N. Ca Farzan has done all my conversions since then.
  8. Does anyone have a A "Slat Wood Wall Panel" or "Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panel?
  9. Send me a clean copy without mark ups in PDF, I'll see if I can convert it with Print2CAD, no cost
  10. Have you tried the Canvas app? Not perfect, you will still need to go back and remeasure, but it will measure and create the Chief Architect X12 file for you
  11. Where is the project site? Have you done any 3d Reality Capture systems for virualization?