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  1. Hi Adam, I am located in the Sierra Foothills and service South Lake Tahoe and El Dorado County CA is probably the most insane building code in the world, I would be happy to discuss further. I'll PM you
  2. Not myself, but I would refer Farzan, who is part of the Chief users world wide, I have used him for over 4 years and I use Matterport for most of my As-Built in N. Ca Farzan has done all my conversions since then.
  3. Does anyone have a A "Slat Wood Wall Panel" or "Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panel?
  4. Send me a clean copy without mark ups in PDF, I'll see if I can convert it with Print2CAD, no cost
  5. Have you tried the Canvas app? Not perfect, you will still need to go back and remeasure, but it will measure and create the Chief Architect X12 file for you
  6. Where is the project site? Have you done any 3d Reality Capture systems for virualization?
  7. Hi Chris, I just started using this. I have several projects in the works, One is a Matterport Scan of an interior manually done to Chief with the exterior scanned in Hover 3D. As soon as I receive the deliverable from Canvas comes in, I'll be able to compare and see how the accuracy is. I am sure the folks over at Canvas are watching :-)
  8. HI Alex, Pleased to see this feature, it is going to be a great benefit for the Chief Community. If your up this way again, I'll have to take you to Thirsty Barrel, Jurnigans, Three Forks, Grass Valley Brewing Co.
  9. Is anyone using Canvas scan to CAD? I am using it for all my as-builts in the field up in the Gold Country. I the new Ipad Pro 12.9 fourth-gen with the new LIDAR camera with the Canvas app. you can find it here: What file formats and programs does Scan To CAD export? The Short Answer Scan To CAD is available in four packages: 2D Floor Plan ($15 per scan, and includes a 2D .pdf, 2D .dwg, and 2D .skp), SketchUp ($29 per scan, and includes a 3D.skp, 3D .dwg, and 3D .dae file), Revit ($39 per scan, and includes a 3D .rvt, 3D .dwg, and 3D .ifc file), and Chief Architect ($39 per scan, and includes a 3D .plan, 3D .dwg, and 3D .dae file). You can download our sample data package here to experiment with real, Canvas-generated CAD models for yourself! Attached is the original source file from Canvas. I scanned one day and got it the next. Also some screenshots. Nov 9, 2020 at 3-16-56 PM.plan
  10. Matterport has the floor plan and ceiling plan as a Matterpack that helps with accurate tracing. For greater versatility, the point cloud can be imported in as an .obj file format.
  11. I have completed projects in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Nevada, Solano, Sonoma, etc. Send me more details I sue very advanced 3D and Lazer point dimensional measuring systems. My turn around time for Nothern CA is about two weeks Eric Breuer Designs, 707-514-7278
  12. I can use some help. Do you work with data from Matterport?
  13. Very tough, Make sure nothing is contractionary or ambiguous. More details the better Compact, use your pages well
  14. Chief Architect has training in these following cities: Terry Munson has some excellent resources: