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Hello all ,


I would like to know if it is possible to create an ADA cabinet , What I am after is a cabinet you would see  for a commercial setting ( Hospital)  . The typical ADA cabinet calls for a 6" false face ( Drawer front ) and then a panel that leans back to the wall at a forty five degree angle, that would be the Knee space  for wheel chair if needed . these are always made as a frame less set up , I can modify any other cabinet as needed but I need to use this cabinet like 30 times for this contract , which I was awarded ( Yes a very large contract ) .


Any help would be great so I can add to my Library and just keep re using as needed .



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6 minutes ago, solver said:

Not a solution, just something to ponder.


Created a wedge shaped symbol cabinet door.



Good start. Change the origin. Make front sides 0", then make a door symbol for the say the say right side, which has 0" left separation. Copy and reverse that symbol for the other side. Set toe space back or none depending on which exact ADA cabinet you are using.

BTW I don't think any have panels at quite 45 degrees,check that.  

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The description you gave is not ADA compatible. Review ADA guidelines chapter 3 and especially sections 306 and 308. Hospitals will/must care about compliance.

34" Rim height max.

27" knee clearance for the first 8" of depth to 11" of depth at the toe kick setback which is 9" Above Finished Floor AFF. Then another 6" setback. 

Cabinet can then hang on wall or drop to floor. This toe clearance width has to be 30" clear centered on the sink/faucet no matter how wide the cabinet is. This is important when hiding the clearances behind operable doors in kitchens etc. You have to use 32" minimum width cabinets to account for the cabinet sides' thicknesses.

Attached are some examples. The 3D is a 6" high cabinet set max 34" AFF, adjust per type of sink and its rim height. Vessel, drop-in, undermount, etc. The 'cabinet' below is a polyline solid stretched to the width of the cabinet.

The 2D has the relevant dimensions per ADA.

ada SINKS 306-308 3D.jpg

ada SINKS 306-308.jpg

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