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Hi everyone,


I need some advice. I have been struggling with light bleed in my raytraces for a while now and never really seem to be able to resolve it. 

Now I have a case where there are literally 0 active lights in the scene, but the picture looks like everythings lit up with leds. If i do a normal Phsycally Based rendering, everything looks as it's supposed to look I suppose but raytrace completely messes it up.


Another issue seems to be that if I were to turn the lights on (while having the light from outside coming too), the lights completely take over and the environmental lighting seems to be completely ignored. There are only so many settings I can enable in the raytrace config and it doesn't seem to help.


I've added sample images of the raytrace as well as the physically based rendering. The plan is also attached.

If anyone can tell me where do i keep messing up, i would really appreciate it.


Thank you



phsyical rendering.PNG



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Light is interpreted differently in PBR versus Ray Tracing and as such a PBR is not likely going to be a good preview of what you will get if you send it to Ray Trace. The light bleed you are experiencing in the Ray Trace can be caused by a number of issues, the most impactful are to make sure you have a roof and foundation with a floor in your model. If it still persists try reducing the sun intensity. Environment lighting can also contribute to this when other lighting is not correct so you could also turn this off as a last resort.

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