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Hi CA Users


I've just decided to get serious about using CA after having purchased X7 a few years ago. I'm just upgrading to X11 and very excited about it too as I have a couple of projects of my own to get on with immediately and hope to have more in the near future.


I'm a very experienced licensed residential builder in both NSW and TAS and would like to hear from any experienced/learner CA users down-under please. I've seen some previous comments re one user Sydney and one in Melbourne, but that's all. I can point you to my own building website if you want to see a snippet of what I have built.


Thanks, hope to hear from you guys/girls sometime.




John Davis

Hobart TAS

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  • 3 years later...

Had a look at your website John - very impressive indeed.

Although fluent with other architectural programmes, I'm a beginner with CA. It's been a bumpy ride but enjoyable. I am impressed by what it can do.

I have been looking around, unfortunately, there isn't much support in Australia as I would love to team up with other users.

I guess all we can do is just plod along.




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