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  1. Where is the setting to remove the rough settings?
  2. Had a look at your website John - very impressive indeed. Although fluent with other architectural programmes, I'm a beginner with CA. It's been a bumpy ride but enjoyable. I am impressed by what it can do. I have been looking around, unfortunately, there isn't much support in Australia as I would love to team up with other users. I guess all we can do is just plod along. Cheers Damian
  3. Hi Mark I have just checked out your DIY Granny flat website. It's really interesting. Well done mate.
  4. Hi Tony I may be able to help. I'm in WA - However I'm using X13.
  5. Thanks for this Larry. Very helpful indeed.
  6. Hi guys I am based in Western Australia. Have just joined the group. Would love to connect with Australian users. Cheers Damian