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Have you checked the resolution.  Not sure where it would be found in X9, I'm on X12.  When the Ray Trace Current View pop up window opens click Edit.  There should be an option to change the resolution.  Mine defaults to 72 dpi, which isn't that great.  Hope this helps.

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On 4/15/2019 at 2:57 PM, hikerj said:

Can anybody tell me why I get ray traces that are really grainy?  I can't find a topic on this.  I am using X9 on a mac. 


Posting a sample pic would be most helpful. There are several reasons why your Ray Traces might exhibit excessive graininess, the most common is due to abnormally high light intensities and/or many highly reflective surfaces. A sample pic would likely indicate which of these is happening.


As standard practice your model should always have a roof and a foundation with a floor. Without this there is a high likely hood that you will experience what we refer to as light bleed, usually evidenced by grainy bright areas along ceiling and wall intersections and floor and wall intersections. In this situation the sun light is bleeding through to the interior. If there is still evidence of this after placing a roof and foundation on your model then it's most likely the sun intensity is way too high.


Grain can result from too many reflective surfaces including polished. In most cases they will clean up but it may take many passes and what's worse is as reflective surfaces increase your Ray Trace time per pass will also increase.

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@TheKitchenAbode, I did another ray trace for many more passes and noticed that the more passes the clearer it became.  I've been using Chief for years, but the ray tracing is something new and am now just delving into it.  This 60 passes as the image name implies.  Much better than 30 passes.


Thank you for your response and sorry for my delayed response.



Dining Room RT 60 Passes.jpg

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