Grainy ray trace

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Can anybody tell me why I get ray traces that are really grainy?  I can't find a topic on this.  I am using X9 on a mac. 

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    • By LeeDrafter
      Hi All, I am trying to achieve a ray trace with a tree in the foreground that sort of frames the picture. Attached is an example of my goal- I did not create the attached jpg. I am getting close by placing a tree close to the camera but mostly out of view, but every tree I have tried is blurry. See the saved camera in the attached file. Then I place another big tree closer to the house to create a shadow on the house/driveway. I will crop that tree out of the final picture. Are there any trees CA has that you recommend for close-up high resolution (5500x3200 pixels) ray trace? I found a thread from the old Chief Talk where they had a similar problem and Larry Kumpost  suggested a high res tree, but I don't know where to find one. Here is the old thread http://www.chieftalk.com/showthread.php?34289-Exterior-Critique&highlight=trees+foreground. Thank you in advance!

    • By dJanzenINTERIORS
      When doing a Ray Trace the cabinets seem to be lit from the inside.
      There were no lights added to these cabinets and it seems to be happening every time.

    • By karenmbruns
      How do I get rid of halos/glare that is appearing at crown molding, around door ways, cabinets, etc. in ray trace view? Do I need to change the default for interior ambient light?

    • By Caraclient
      Looking for a designer with advanced Chief Architect skills to 3D my personal new custom home in detail (exterior and interior).
      Ray Trace level skill set required.
    • By CBuserIndia
      Hello Everyone
      I need Help/Suggestions/Pointers to make this Ray Trace (Render) better.
      Attached are following files :
      1) Project calibz with all materials zip
      2) Settings zip (screenshots of all settings used):
      3) ray-traced output of a sample Kitchen. I have done 15 Passes in X10 Interior version.
      My Machine config:
      Amd Ryzen 5 1600 Cpu  
      Asus B 350 F Strix Gamning MB
      Corsair 8gb ddr4  2666 Lpx Ram
      Zotac GTX 1050 Ti 4gb Card
      Kingston A 400 120gb SSD
      1 TB WD Sata HDD Blue
      Corsair VS 650w Smps

      Thank you for help

      Backup File Material With Calibz.zip