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  1. Hello All, Why in the heck does my tree "disappear" when other plants are placed behind it???? And is there a way to fix this? It seems to only happen with a polyline distribution path or area. Thank you, Lisa
  2. Thank you Eric, I was wondering if that method would work. And you've proved that it does. Lisa
  3. Another short video on how to keep curtains open when stretching a rod across a wide window or door. It was suggested to use a stretch plane, which is a quick and easy way to accomplish this task. However, the method I showed using 2 separate curtain symbols allows for more control on how wide to make the panel. This can be crucial if the walls to the side of your door/window are narrow.
  4. Thank you Rob Dyck, I came up with solution for a design I'm working on now (and thought of the stretch plane solution then). I used Home Designer for many years and of course, those programs don't have (or didn't when I used them) stretch planes. So, I guess I was thinking more about those types of users. Also, I know someone who is on X8 and though this person is fantastic with design, custom roofs and stretch planes are a little beyond their grasp right now. I don't think we should all assume that every user has our same level of experience. Lisa
  5. Yes, that was going to be my next video tip. I did this one for users who may not be comfortable with using stretch planes.
  6. Short video of how to keep curtains pulled back when stretching curtain rod to fit wide windows/doors.
  7. Man, I wish I has seen this awhile ago. Going to have to redo all of my screen porches now. Thanks!
  8. DavidJPotter, Thank you for your response. I will give your suggestion a try. Lisa
  9. robdyck, Thank you for your response. That is a neat way of doing it and won't cause problems for other stairs below this one, say for the wine cellar. I hope Chief will make it a little easier though in an update by allowing us to change the material on that particular surface. Lisa
  10. Ah, I did see the 'height below tread' option but didn't think of using it in that way. I'll try that. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm working on a mediterranean style design and I would like a staircase similar to the posted picture where the drywall/plaster comes to the bottom of each tread. I'm able to do this using the custom stringer option, for the most part, but have a not so lovely line following the bottom of the stringer. Any suggestions on how to resolve this or am I stuck doing the polyline solid thing? Thank you, Lisa
  12. Thank you Dustin for solving my issue. There is a bug in the system and Chief will be looking into it. For anyone out there having the same issue, try exporting your image as a .tif.
  13. Then oleander image in Chief is great but I would like the flowers to be red. No problem! I'll just copy, then use Photo Paint to change the color of the flowers, copy the original symbol to my user library, then change the image file to the new image file I created. Or so I thought. The new image file has an ever so thin white outline around it when viewed in 3D. But when I use a dark background in Photo Paint behind my created image I don't see it. Can anyone explain what is happening and how to fix it??? Thank you!
  14. @TheKitchenAbode, I did another ray trace for many more passes and noticed that the more passes the clearer it became. I've been using Chief for years, but the ray tracing is something new and am now just delving into it. This 60 passes as the image name implies. Much better than 30 passes. Thank you for your response and sorry for my delayed response. Lisa
  15. Have you checked the resolution. Not sure where it would be found in X9, I'm on X12. When the Ray Trace Current View pop up window opens click Edit. There should be an option to change the resolution. Mine defaults to 72 dpi, which isn't that great. Hope this helps.
  16. Hello Marken_Drafting, I just ran a 10 minute RT with my Task Manager up. Windows 10 Home version. Wasn't able to see how many cores (4 physical, 8 logical, and I also have it set to use the max) my computer was using, but did notice that most of the processing (90 - 100%) was all done by the CPU with 1-3% done by the GPU. I think the CA software is not written to take advantage of our GPU processing power???? I am on Version X12 also. Sorry I couldn't give a definitive answer.
  17. Ah, yes. I did have lateral knee walls with the appropriate heights and forgot that I deleted them, thinking I didn't need them anymore. Thanks!
  18. I've been recreating the "Paradise Rises" drawings as a learning exercise. I get to this point (file attached) and noticed the eaves are boxed. (I did start with a similar previous file and "Saved As" to save myself some time.) I select rebuild roofs and uncheck the boxed eaves. Then the siding on the upstairs bump outs disappear. Ugh! Very frustrating. Of course, I rebuild the roofs and put the boxed eaves back. Tried redrawing the walls. Nothing seems to be working. Option4_Farmhouse.plan
  19. CA X10 Sooo... this is my situation. I'm using a stucco and sometimes stone wall on the exterior with a monolithic slab for a foundation. The "outside" floor around the pool is lowered 3" revealing the concrete foundation. I know I could use stucco as the material for the foundation but then I'd have stucco underneath where the stone is. And the walls protrude over the foundation by an 1" or 2, which in real life I believe the stucco would continue down to meet the "outside" floor. Do I need to incorporate the same pony wall techniques? Thank you, Lisa Tuscan Courtyard 2 for posting.plan