Flush Floor Beam No Longer Cutting Joists


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For some reason when I place a floor beam and then rebuild the floor joists, the joists are no longer cut to the flush floor beam. I have made sure that "with joists" is selected in the beam defaults under the framing defaults dbx but for some reason the joists continue through the floor beam and don't butt into it.


This is my main template plan for all my construction documents which has it broken but if I use one of the templates supplied out of the box this feature does work. What is the deference between my template and the out of box templates that could be causing this issue?


Steps to reproduce:
-Draw 4 walls
-Build floor framing
-Move to floor 0 to view floor framing
-Check that "with joists" is checked under framing dbx defaults
-insert a floor beam perpendicular through all floor joists
-rebuild floor framing
-Joists are not cut to beam...

Same steps on the out of box plan and it does cut the joists....


Thank you for any help


Flush Beam Issue - Problem plan.plan

Flush Beam Issue - Out Of box.plan

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You have a layer of plywood on the bottom of the joists, in Defaults > Framing > Foundation > Floor Structure.


Remove that plywood and check "Automatically build floor and ceiling framing" and the joists cut at the beam.


That plywood is forcing the joists to continue under/through the beam.



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Thank you so much Chris!


I wonder why this is the case though. There is plywood on top that doesn't effect this feature seems like the plywood on bottom should either, unless it is a bug. How would other recommend adding plywood to the underside of a floor system in a way that doesn't break this feature?

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