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I have a plan in which I have used a couple of barn doors from the Chief library.  These report to the Fixture Schedule and are shown as "slabs".  I would like to have them on the Doors layer and have them report to the Doors Schedule.  Is there anyway to do this with the Chief barn door symbols? 


I changed the label manually to "barn door" and the layer to Doors but nothing happened.  They still report to the Fixture Schedule and are still shown as Slab(s) in that schedule.



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Replace them using the new barn door tool we got in X11 instead of using the ones from the library that we had in X10 and prior. You should be able to use the same door slab if you updated your library. There's now a folder for the door panels and a folder for hardware in the 'Doors No.1 Sliding Barn' library.

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Thanks Levis ... I will give that a stab.  I just figured out how to change the name in the fixture schedule by disabling the macro on object information but still only applies to the fixture schedule.  Your advice sounds much better.

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