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8 hours ago, Lilidesignbuild said:

Followed your suggestion, checked build framing and nothing appears. Do I need to click or check something else to make structure appear?

Yes, if you are framing a ceiling plane as Eric suggests make sure your ceiling framing layer is turned on...

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      I have run across a problem and I am having trouble figuring out the solution with energy heels. On the front porch I need a 43" energy heel, the back portion of the house I need a 18" energy heel and then the gables I need a 6'' energy heel. I manually generated the roof but was wondering the ways to determine the energy heels. Is the only way to solve this is by placing roof trusses and measuring from there? To go along with that question, I am wondering if I raise my roof planes through the Z delta (in the transform/replicate dbx) is that the same as what the energy heel would be if I were to place trusses and measure? Thanks. 
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      I am wondering if there is a way to have some rafters plumb cut and some square cut on the same roof plane?
      Or can I somehow take a single roof rafter and change the angle cut on the bottom, (or top for that matter).
      It would be nice if I could go to a cross section and manipulate the shape like I can with a poly line solid.
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      Has to be kept in ver 12, because client wants to be able to pull up in chief 12. 
      Thanks in advance.
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