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X11 has provided a lot of new attributes that allow listing of the layers within assemblies.  However, for the average user it might not be very easy to utilize them so I created some macros (all named starting with "layers_")


These will work nicely in Labels and in most cases with Leader Line Text.  They work especially well in Plan Views - not always in Elevations and Sections.


To get the best results the finish materials and structural materials in the model should be named carefully.  As an example:


SLAB FLOOR STRUCTURE (material descriptions)

  • Concrete Slab with 6x6 10/10 WWF
  • 6 mil Visqueen Membrane
  • Sand Base


Framed Floors will of course have different materials and thicknesses.


Of course you also need to specify the corresponding material thicknesses to get the sections to be accurate.


It may take a little time to create/rename various materials and to use those materials in your plans in order to get the best results.  But that is time well spent when it improves the annotations in ConDocs.


Let me know if you have any questions about using these macros.


If you are inclined to contribute to my efforts, please deposit a contribution in PayPal account

Layers Lists - X11.json

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