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I would think that if I have the "Treat as Door" selected in the Mulled Unit Specification box that it wouldn't have casing at the bottom like a window.  Is this normal? (When I separate the window and door, there is no casing at the bottom of the door)  I'm looking for a more realistic looking door and sidelight with a threshold.   

Mulled Unit.PNG

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This is from X11


And Treat As Door = Check Treat as Door to include the unit in door schedules and the Door category of the Materials List rather than in the Window schedules and Materials List category. Only available when the selected unit contains a door.



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4 hours ago, QualicoreHomes said:

I haven't moved to X11 yet but that is the look I'm after.

Thanks Solver!!


Is the Mulled Unit 0" off the Floor?      Doors will build a casing under the Door automatically if not.....

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