Missing Foundation & Deck Framing

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Hi all,

I inherited a design from a client that was created in Chief by another designer.  I have modified the plan heavily but in both the original plan file and the new one I seem to not be able to make the foundation walls/ftgs. and deck framing appear while rendering.  I don't see anything turned off in the layers that would typically be the culprit. 


Anyway, I'm attaching the file for anyone to peruse should they choose to do so.  Maybe I'm missing something basic but I just don't know what it is.


Any input would be greatly appreciated as always!


Thanks in advance


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3 hours ago, WoodlandDesign said:

For some reason the file didn't attach.




Foundation must be on to see it in the Display Options, not sure why it would be unchecked in the Camera View Set   (Not Foundation Wall but that too, though it was on.)


looks like the plan came out of one of the HD products originally .......



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20 minutes ago, WoodlandDesign said:

I didn't realize that.  How can you tell that Mick?


HD Product?  it was the lack of Plan Views and that someone has Checked the Box allowing HD to edit the plan not just View it , so I assumed the Original Designer was working with the HomeOwner at some point or taking the Owner's Plan to Permit? , but I guess it could of been done in X9 too and just shared with the Home Owner.


I think this is the 2nd HD Product plan I have seen someone having an issue with Foundation being off too though...

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