Garage Doors are messed up...


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Take a look at this. plan.


I would like the 1-1/2" jamb for the garage door to go down past stem wall to top of slab. 

In plan view it looks correct,  the jamb is outside of stem wall.

 in 3D the jamb stops at top of stem wall,  incorrect,  it should go down to top of slab.

Also the curb opening is wrong.  It should be 9'-3",  it scales 9'-3" but it dimensions 9'-0"


If I am not mistaken,  this worked correctly in previous versions.


any thoughts before I report this to headquarters?



bbbb why is curb cut dimension wrong.plan





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16 minutes ago, dshall said:

Thanks Eric,  give it a go now.


Your test plan is not the same as your have 3.5" Casings and no conc. cutout..... but it's working


Once I changed it it seems to work too , see pic below  .......hmmmm let me look some more cos this is not how garage doors are normally framed


PS. ITRW don't run the Jamb to the slab....that = rot and peeling paint.



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27 minutes ago, dshall said:

Thanks Mick,  I got it working except for dimensioning the curb cuts.


 Look at the auto dimension on the top right.  Shouldn't it be 9'-3"?


 Let's put it this way......  what is the 9'-0" dimension at top right dimensioning?





bbbb why is curb cut dimension wrong 3.plan



It seems my local guy has us do it slightly different than normal due to having issues in the past with Framers who aren't very accurate or Own a Level :)  , they have us frame it so the Opening is FINISHED 1" smaller than the Door size all around 1" less in height 2" less in width.


as far as the Top Right Images goes .............My guess is that you are not locating the rough opening but the sides of the opening with the Dim String....


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It looks like CA doesn't recognise the Concrete cutout at all , which is why the Auto Dims and Opening/Framing dims locators aren't working as expected, as there is nothing to snap to for the Cutout it is only "seeing" the opening.


Just have to use Point to Point Dims on the Foundation level........


*** I see Brian's Post too now.... which explains why I had to set Rough Opening and Conc. cut out to 0" to make it look right...




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