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Is there a way to exclude certain components of a assembly?
For instance, I want to know how many doors in a particular project.  I do not need to know what type of hinge, how many hinges, door knobs etc.  Same for cabinets, I do not need drawer slides, hardware or the like.  I need just the basics: X # of 2/6 doors, x# of 2/4 doors, B33 Cabinet, etc?



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There are a lot of options in this regard Lane. 

  • You can control what is reported in the material list by adjusting the Components of any given object, by changing what Categories are being reported (either before or after ML is generated), by changing which Layers are being used, and by changing which Floor(s) are being used among other things.
  • You can use various Material List generation methods such as the Materials List Polyline to further limit what is being reported.
  • You can use Schedules instead.  Again, these have lots of control over what exactly is being reported and how it is being reported.
  • You can copy and paste from both schedules and materials lists to an spreadsheet for further manipulation.

Too many details to get into in a quick post, but if you'd like to set up a on-on-one session to walk through it all, just shoot me over an email to and we can discuss further..  

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