Remove Roof Slope Indicator?


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Can anyone tell me how to do one of these actions?

1. Change the size of the text in the roof slope indicator.


2. Remove the roof slope indicator, so I can put the text in at the correct size.

The text shows up very tiny and I am hoping someone knows an easy fix.


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Just to clarify...


Regarding #1, roof slope indicators are just labels so you control the text size the same way you control almost all other labels.  You need to modify the text style used by the layer that controls the label.  For the slope indicators, that is the "Roofs, Labels" layer.


Regarding #2, you can turn off all roof labels by turning off the layer called "Roofs, Label".  You can turn off the label for any given roof plane by opening the dialog and checking "Suppress Label" on the label panel.

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