Don't Know Technical Term but need to draw this window


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Trying to draw an as built. The roof is 7.5/ 12. I can not seem to create that window in the peak of the gable. "Dogear Arch" only gives me 45°. "Match Roof" only angles 1 side of window. What am I missing? The window is roughly 30" High and 8' long. Don't need to be exact as I am not doing anything with this area of the house but would like it to look right.

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19 minutes ago, Ridge_Runner said:

I think you are right; my bad. Would work if you could also set the top width and/or the pitch to match roof with the dogear option.


17 minutes ago, luckyudesign said:

be a really cool option



We can do the same basic thing simply using the shape tab settings. You can get almost any possible roof shape you want across the top of the window using those settings...


pic 1.jpg

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