Balcony floor close in , fascia issue, fireplace chimney


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First one - the balcony fascia.

You have the balcony railing wall defined as a Fir Stud wall which really only gives you framing.

The front of the balcony gets it's information from the wall.

So, change the material in the balcony rail wall definition.


The roofs are a mess which i haven't got time to troubleshoot and work out how you did everything.

I noticed that baselines were in the wrong location, etc.

Why not auto build the roofs?

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I Deleted and rebuilt the 2nd floor. There were auto generated walls and your walls in the same space.


Roof is auto built.


The fireplace walls are drawn on the 2nd floor creating a room with a raised ceiling height.


You can define the balcony with whatever wall type you want so the exterior material shows. Here I used Siding-4.




Kamrath.David exist. plan (eric)

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