Elevator Door

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    • By Bob_DeWitt_PE
      Has anyone done / created a dumb waiter to go from the first floor kitchen to the second floor dinning room. Any Ideas?
    • By gobuildone
      I'm Running Chief X8, MS Windows 10 on SurfacePro3. 
      Building three stories over a basement.  Trying to create the Elevator Shaft. Elevator Shaft... 4 framed walls each floor to create a shaft for the elevator.  Walls are Aligned with walls below. I have stair ways where Open Below rooms eliminate the Floor and Framing like they should.  I have an atrium on floor 2 overlooking to floor 1, created with a railing and room Open Below... this works too (no floor).    
      But on each floor where I box in the Elevator Shaft with 4 walls, create the room, designate it as "Open Below" there is still framing and decking inside the Elevator Shaft.  I have "Rebuilt floors and Ceilings" and "Rebuilt Framing"  does nothing. 
      I have turned on and off Auto Framing. Deleted and Recreated walls Created the Shaft bottom floor first... and top floor first.  
      One thing I have noticed is that this plan has created a Center Line running front to back in the plan and the front wall of the elevator shaft is sometimes split when I draw it.
      Any Ideas on how to get rid of the floor inside the Elevator Shaft?
      Existing bldg plan 7.plan