Tapering Fireplace Chimney


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How do you taper a fireplace chimney?  
Fireplace is set at 6' Wide, firebox set at 36" wide, and height so it penetrates the roof and maintains the 24" above the roof at 10' offset.
But I dont want it to be 6' wide all the way to the top.  Starting about 2' above the firebox I want to narrow it down to 24" x 24" .  Can I do that in the fireplace  settings somewhere?  
I can keep the fireplace itself say 6' tall, then add a polyline solid above it to the dimensions I want and change the material to the same stone on the fireplace, but is there an easier, better way?




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is there an easier, better way?




there should be


there should be a  Fireplace and Chimney tool set for creating "standard" chimney and fireplace configs


this should have been added to CA long ago


but alas ...



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