Wall mount light fixture height?


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My wall mount fixtures are set to 72" & some 68".

I changed the default setting (see picture)  to 80" but doe not seem to change the light added from the library.

Most are set to 72" or less for interior & exterior wall mounted lights.

How can I change all (default to) 80"?

CA Wall Fixt Ht.JPG

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That Default setting would only change the Fixture set as the Default Wall Fixture I believe..... The Default Fixtures are the ones in the Quick Electrical Dropdown  only...


The Library lights would need to be copied to your User Library and then the height can be Changed , and you wouldn't use the CA Library Core Item anymore as it is locked.(no changes)



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22 minutes ago, ACADuser said:

So is 72" deemed the standard for wall mount interior fixture heights?

That seems too low to me.


Depends on the type of Fixture Usually  , ie is it concentric to the Box or hang down or point Up  , so I usually use 78-84" depending on that and the Room Type etc, 72" must be a very old STD I think.

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