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15 minutes ago, ChiefuserMathews said:

In the same plan if you go into the basement. there are concrete brick columns supporting the floor above. As soon as I add interior wall attached to the concrete columns the column size get changed. any idea why it is doing that?

Thank you


Check the Wall as a Furred Wall in the Structure Tab perhaps ...sounds like it is trying to keep the column the original Size?


Your Columns are actually short walls , so Chief is merging them, and so you lose the columns, if you reverse the walls or the Columns(walls) , CA will see each wall as a different type and keep both. (** if you don't drag the drywall wall through the column**) ...Chief will not allow two walls to occupy the same space usually but the "No room definition checkbox" set on the Columns, will allow it to join, so drywall hides the columns on one side.



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1 hour ago, ChiefuserMathews said:

on one side of my deck the railing is sitting on the ground where are as other 2 sides are above the deck and on the same side on the top end wooden planks comes up between the post. Attached is the image to clarify my issue. Any help, or what i did wrong?

thank youimage.thumb.png.67ad1a48dde7c7c082f3d7faa15f0648.png


The "Room" created by the lower concrete Patio is causing it , It is trying to attach to the Upper Deck Room but it is at ground level and the Upper Deck 4ft off the ground, pull the outer long wall back and the Railing on the Upper deck fixes itself.


**still looking

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