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When I import some PDF files the text gets messed up, letters out of place within words.

The before is a pdf viewer before I import into Chief.

The after is what I see after importing into Chief CAD detail in a layout file.

How can I correct this?


CA PDF before.JPG

CA PDF after.JPG

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I have no PLAN file yet. My client is an Architect that creates the preliminary model in sketchup& prints to PDF.

He asked me to create a scaled layout on his title block. So I create a CAD detail in a Layout file, scale the PDF to 1=1

then send to layout at the desired scale & print.

Eventually, I will create a plan file.


Sending to tech support they confirmed that the PDF has an error with the text.

Importing to Autocad gave the same error. But I was unable to fix the PDF.

The answer appears that the version of Sketchup must be to blame.

I'll pursue it on my end.




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