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1 hour ago, solver said:

How does it look in these spots? Standard view tends to mask things.





Small adjustment needed.  I had an exterior casing (beveled profile) and a RO 1/2" clearance all around when I took that pic. By simply eliminating the casing it's almost perfect - even in vector view.  The only problem is that the stucco layer shows as separate.


Bucked Window 2.JPG

Bucked Window 3.JPG

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20 hours ago, dshall said:

Would you mind sharing a small plan with the method?


And maybe see if you could to it with a door.

Hi Scott,


It doesn't work with doors because Chief doesn't handle Door Jambs correctly.  Basically, we need control of the materials for Jambs & Sills separate from the Trim - and the Jambs need to work like Window Frames.  ie: The wall opening (including stucco wrapping into opening) needs to be outside of the Jambs in 3D.  Currently the Stucco wrap and the Jamb face are at the same location.  Additionally in 3D the Wall Framing appears at the same location so there's a lot of z-fighting going on.

All these problems are tied to Door Jamb / Casing problems I've reported in other threads.

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