How to punch a window hole in a curved 3D object


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Hi Chiefers,


I have an interesting question for the pro's here. I am designing a very unconventional coffee kiosk with curved glulams and curved walls. I built the initial design by creating the 3D objects in plan view in a source file, then pasting the shapes into an elevation in a new 3D file, creating 3D shapes in the elevation. (See Kiosk Profile.jpg)

Once the 3D Shapes were created I laid them out plan view in the 3D file and created the 3D structure. (Kiosk 3D.plan)

I now need to put a window in the curved wall, and cannot figure out how to punch a hole in this shape. Any tips?



Kiosk Profile.jpg

Kiosk 3D.plan

Kiosk 3D.jpg

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My problem was that when I was converting the curved wall to a "solid" from a "Polyline Solid", I was then not converting the shape I was using to subtract to a solid as well. You cannot use a "polyline solid" to subtract from a "solid". It was a simple step that I was missing.

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