Exterior walls with different veneer finishes


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I thought by inserting wall breaks in the walls to use different materials, (according to earlier response I had from the forum) I can change one wall (not pony walls)  to, brick and the other walls to corrugated metal, by going into the wall DBX and making the changes there, and that's the way I attempted to do it.  But, when I go back to the plan all walls are either all brick or all Corrugated.

Back when I started this plan, in order to get it ready for the Board review, I ended up using the paint object tool (I know that is not the best way to do it?) so I could present the Color perspective views and they wouldn't be confused. I know I still have errors in the plan, and as I've been able to determine what to do, I've worked on fixing them. I know my layers / annosets are all screwed up (and Larry Hawes is working on tutoring me as he has time) but I'm practicing on that when I have the time, believe me, I want to use the soft ware correctly from the start to finish.  Update plan zipped and attached. You'll note there is a PDF over-lay currently in my plan so I could use it as a template for a site / landscape plan (which I haven't had time to do yet.

As always, thanks for your help!

Wall brk.PNG

Wall DBX defined.PNG

Wall definitions.PNG

FS 2 (2).zip

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3 hours ago, Evolution said:

I guess I've just got to remember if I'm going to have different exterior finishes I have to create a new wall definition of each one.

Thanks Eric!


You need to NOT paint exterior Walls :)  especially twice !    your wall definitions are all screwed up in this plan....  siding 6 , brick 6 etc etc are ALL using Moss Green Alum. siding,  Painted "Antique" as the material .... you need to select the wall and switch the Materials to Default in the Material DBX , in the case of the Siding 6 which is usually Lap Siding you have also changed the wall Definition and painted it :)


Be a good Idea to hit the  Purge Button while in the Material DBX too to remove unused materials from the Plan before choosing Default.


Don't try cutting the wall right at the Corner like in your pic, do it about a foot away and once the wall is defined properly just drag the new wall out to the Corner and let it join up at the corner like normal.




figured you might want the plan back too....    FS 2_MHD.plan



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On ‎9‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 2:12 PM, solver said:

I broke this wall into 3 sections. Applied a new material via the Material panel on the outer 2 sections.


Unsure of what or how you are doing similar.



Eric, as I originally said, when starting this plan (and in a hurry to get it ready for the City Board to look at) I kept having issues as I stated.  I had created a wall def I called 10" PEMB (10" Girts with metal siding Pre Engineered Metal Building). and A 10" PEMB with Brick. Then 6" ditto (to be built with Galv Met Studs and Metal siding) and 6" ditto w/ Brick.  I set it up just like I would build it in real life. I painted the metal siding with the color (from a photo of the existing building) saved as a new mat'l.  But each time I would select a wall (breaking it not just in the corner, but trying it in several places, when changing to one wall type for one wall, another for the other It would always change all the walls to the same.  I remembered from a few years back (2015) when I was attempting to do different wall finishes and having a similar issue, one of the Chiefers (maybe in experienced like me, suggested I use the material painter tool. Glenn Woodward told me then you never use the MP to change a wall type. And, I usually didn't it was quicker getting the plan ready for the City to take a quick look at and give me the go ahead with the project. The only way I've been able to make it work, is the open a wall DBX, copy/save give it a new name, and material definition so, I did likewise for the 5 different wall types being used in this building. It is fixed now. I did check all the walls and opened their DBX and made sure I have brick for brick and metal siding where it is supposed to be metal siding, not painted metal siding on brick.


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