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I followed the instructions to customize cabinet for my particular need on this project, but stumped as to why it is turning out like it is, since it wouldn't be built that way in the real world. I hate to waste your time, but I'm sure one if not all of you have worked around it before. When I open the cab't DBX and remove doors, manually adjust the shelves, set it for framed box, in the DBX elevation  looks the way I want it to but when the plan generates the elevation it changes to something not even close to what it should appear to be. Maybe no fix for it?

Of course as always, thanks! (Edit) for got to mentioned it doesn't make any difference if I do Framed or Frameless.

cabt const not this.PNG

cabt const section.PNG

Cabt const.PNG

cabt framed.PNG

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3 hours ago, MarkMc said:

Post a plan. 

tall open.png

Mark, I found the problem.  Seems on a previous iteration of the room they wanted unit shelving. On this iteration they requested custom built. Apparently I missed a unit when I was deleting them from the last plan update and it was ghosting the new shelving unit. 


Shelving correct.PNG

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