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I have a strange situation with a porch that I am adding to the front of a house.  The walls go completely wonky.  If you delete the porch the walls heal themselves.


Another thing, ceilings won't generate, although that is not related to the porch.  Somewhere I have messed this up.



Porch Test.plan

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Scott, thanks for the reply, but the problem was not fixed.  Raising the roof partly covered the second story window, which is why the roof was at the elevation that I had in my posted file.   


2018-06-09_7-56-55.thumb.jpg.3ecacd04f08cb6d493216a2152c845d7.jpgin this image see the void at the corner of the building?   This is caused by the porch.  If the porch is deleted then the problem at the corner of the building goes away.   Very strange.

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I turned on ceilings in the floor defaults.


Raised the entry space ceiling to match the room over the garage.


Deleted the attic level.


Still a problem with the attic wall on the right side -- might be a bug.



Porch Test (eric).zip

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