Need Help Fixing Roof Design


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I am trying to recreate the design of our existing house and then I would like to add on a one car garage to the front and a room addition to the back. I have some pictures of our house that I have been using to compare along the way.
I have tried every combination I can think of to get the roof design correct but when I get one section fixed it creates several other issues. As I work toward correcting those, the part I had corrected - is no longer correct! 
I have even removed the additional garage and room to see if I can then successfully recreate the roof. No luck! I have watched countless videos and read countless instructions (which is how I have got this far!), but I'm missing something - and I just can't find any instructions to solve it.
At one point I had the roof over the front porch and the dormer completely corrected with the dormer area being the hip roof and the small gable area over the porch. I worked my way over to the garage side of the design and whatever I did created the flaw in the roof over the porch. Also the existing room over the garage is way off. I read about SWT and one point had HALF of the room and garage correct, but messed it up again as I was trying to get it the other half fixed.

I also upgraded from Home Designer Pro 2017 to 2019 two days ago. Now I have some white X's and some black X's in the design. I assume they are "telling" me something is wrong - but cannot click on them, cannot find any documentation online telling me what they mean and how to use them to help fix the problem.


Thank you!

Home Plan - Copy What it looks like now - Copy.plan

Front of House 2.jpg

Back of House.jpg

Front of House.jpg

Room above existing garage.jpg

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The X's appear to be roof intersection points that can be helpful when doing manual roof plane adjustments.

They were generated by a setting in Preferences > Architectural > Roofs > "Automatically Place Roof Intersection Points"

They can be deleted with the Delete Temporary Points tool 5af758353be1f_DeleteTemporaryPointstool.JPG.5428e5c6c902828f6d26d240bbfd818b.JPG


You still have a long way to go but try selecting your front gable walls and open the DBX and go to the Roof tab and select "Auto Roof Return" Roof Type: "Full"


Roof Returns.jpg

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