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  1. ChiefUserJJAS

    Need Help Fixing Roof Design

    When I went to hometalk home designer user forum - then clicked on seeking services - this is where it took me. If there is a different link, can someone please send it to me?
  2. ChiefUserJJAS

    Need Help Fixing Roof Design

    Ummm? Is that a different forum than this one???
  3. ChiefUserJJAS

    Need Help Fixing Roof Design

    I am trying to recreate the design of our existing house and then I would like to add on a one car garage to the front and a room addition to the back. I have some pictures of our house that I have been using to compare along the way.I have tried every combination I can think of to get the roof design correct but when I get one section fixed it creates several other issues. As I work toward correcting those, the part I had corrected - is no longer correct! I have even removed the additional garage and room to see if I can then successfully recreate the roof. No luck! I have watched countless videos and read countless instructions (which is how I have got this far!), but I'm missing something - and I just can't find any instructions to solve it.At one point I had the roof over the front porch and the dormer completely corrected with the dormer area being the hip roof and the small gable area over the porch. I worked my way over to the garage side of the design and whatever I did created the flaw in the roof over the porch. Also the existing room over the garage is way off. I read about SWT and one point had HALF of the room and garage correct, but messed it up again as I was trying to get it the other half fixed. I also upgraded from Home Designer Pro 2017 to 2019 two days ago. Now I have some white X's and some black X's in the design. I assume they are "telling" me something is wrong - but cannot click on them, cannot find any documentation online telling me what they mean and how to use them to help fix the problem. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! Thank you! Home Plan - Copy What it looks like now - Copy.plan