Area Analysis using Ref Sets Vids by dsh


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Here is a link to a vid showing a method to put together area analysis tables using ref sets.  The area analysis macros was provided by The Alaskan Son......  I don't know what I would do without his macros.


warning,  this is a long video,  and probably boring,  but there might be a few nuggets for some folks.    BTW,  I did not get into all of the mechanics (i.e. the macros),  I was concentrating more on the concept of putting this stuff together.







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18 hours ago, DRAWZILLA said:

thanks for that in depth study ,  thousands of layers, no wonder your head is spinning, mine just blew up. I  have been using  Joe's method for a few years now, very similar . 

site plan.PNG


Hey P,  I need to call you soon to see your method.  Maybe it is easier than the one I use.  


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