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6 hours ago, Alaskan_Son said:

I never personally use the column but I can definitely see why you might want it that as an object attribute. 

Had a hunch, thanks for looking.

I was looking for a way to compensate for the incorrect behavior of using "Auto Finished" on sides and back of cabinets. Every cabinet order I have ever done requires finished sides called out or you don't get them.

It's bad enough OOB...



but once I start hacking cabinets (add an extended side to a cabinet, standard interiors that don't match the exterior, standard sides that LOOK unfinished as a reminder) it gets even worse. Hacking for interiors makes every cabinet a peninsula cabinet in description.

Thought it would be nice if I could get side mods to read somehow too. Looked into messing with the components again (shudder) doesn't appear to help. It occurred to me that even if they give me the attribute it may only be a True/False which would be useless anyway. I'll muddle along as is, besides I'd prefer they do stairs.

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