How to get metric window labels?


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Is there really no way to have Chief display my window dimensions in millilitres?

Currently my window label is specified as:  %width% X %height%

This returns a label of width x height in inches. 

Is there a way to display these measurements in millimeters?


I called tech support and they told me there isn’t. I can’t believe that. 

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No, I’m using my default imperial plan preferences. 


I just tried creating a new plan with the default metric plan preferences and the window labels do indeed display in millilitres as you say. 

But, is there no way to change that in an existing imperial plan?

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Ok thanks! That works. 


(For those who want to know the details)...

I defined two new macros. 



Then in window label I specified the label using these 2 macros to show width x height in millimetres. 


Thanks a million. Crazy that tech support doesn’t know to mention this?


Another question is, what is the “Use Default Formatting” in the window label dbx? How or where is that controlled?


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Not sure I fully understand it but here is what Chief says : 


Default Label Formatting
Custom labels can include a variety of macros that report size information about the object. This information can be reported in either of two ways:
• Default Formatting includes the unit of measurement after each macro reporting size information. In files using US Units, sizes are described using fractional inches with up to 1/16” accuracy.
• When Default Formatting is not used, units of measurement are not shown and decimal inches are used.
You can specify whether to Use Default Formatting in the object’s specification dialog. See Label Panel.



You can also put that macro setup into Window Defaults for plan wide use.


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Yes, that’s what I did. I first changed all my existing window labels and then went in and changed my window defaults. 


I know next time to use a defaulted metric plan. In this case the client asked me after the fact to send him all measurements in metric because he was buying his furniture in China and his decorator there requested metric measurements. 

I’ve already started building the house here in Montreal. 


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