How best to draw this in CArch?

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How best to draw this is Chief?  Have attached picture.


cx 050718 (2).JPG

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Are you wanting to reproduce a 3D detail sheet with dimensions or build a custom bracket to use in your 3D drawings ?

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You can draw it fairly easily using slabs, then coloring the slabs.  The bolts would take a little longer :).


To draw the text, I switched to orthagonal view, selected an isometric view, then copied region as a picture and special paste this image onto a CAD Detail window.  The isometric places the object at a 30 degree angle.  You can then draw lines and place some of the text (see attached) 


But I'm as curious as Chopsaw as to why?  If that's the image you need, cut and paste it into chief and use it.


Hope this helps.





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