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x10 Rich Text Issue

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 I have run into a repeatable issue when using rich text.


Whenever I am creating a note that specifies IRC code I typically bold and underline the top line,  then leave the rest as regular text. I noticed that chief architect defaults the font color as a good-looking dark blue. When I select all the text in the window and then change the color from original chief architect blue to black, all of the text not only changes to black but it also becomes bold and underlined like the original first line. It's not a big deal other than I have to highlight the lines underneath the first line and toggle off bold and underline. This happens every time I try it.


Is this typical and to be worked around, or maybe it's just me on my mac.  Thanks.

Rich Text Issue (HB).mp4

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Yes I was frustrated with the same issues a while back an I am not sure there have been any new changes.


You can however set your default to black rather than blue if that would help a bit.



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Love your avatar.  SCMS!  I bought one when I started framing on my own.  I was given a hard time about it by other framers.  After a few years I saw them on more jobsites.

Precision became an obsession.  I fully believe that the more accurately you calculate and cut materials, the structure tends to "true" itself as you assemble it.  (If one knows what one is doing). ;)

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