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Hello Experts, 

Is it possible to have these roof lines join seamlessly?  What I mean is that on the 3d viewer the roof shows how it needs to be however on a elevation view there are extra lines in the fascia which to me seem like they are from the roof planes "remaining individual".  I don't like it how the elevation views show up on my construction drawings with the additional lines and was wondering if there would be a solution?

Many thanks!

Roof 4.PNG

Roof 3.PNG

Untitled 2.plan

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Clean up the connections between roof planes and the lines go away.


I raised the L shaped roof plane up leaving the pitch the same so its ridge is the same height and position as the roof plane it joins.


See the extra nodes on the end of the upper roof plane (on your plan). Remove those and lines will go away. 


Make sure all roof planes are really joined. They can look OK in 3D, but not be correctly joined.


Also, it looks like your soffit is floating. You might reduce the size of the sub fascia, or increase the size of the fascia.


Untitled 2 (Eric).plan

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Thank you very much Eric, I cleaned it up and it worked.  

I did see that the back still has the lines going through.  I offset the roof planes slightly which made the lines disappear.  Is there a better solution, because I would rather not do it that way? 

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Chief isn't smart enough to cut the fascia where it meets the roof, so I sometimes shorten the overhang by 1/32 to make it look better.


Don't know a better way.




I'd reduce the overhang a good bit on the shed roof, if I were designing this. Seems easier to build.



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