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Hi there,


I am using Premier X10 to do some design work. I am working on a plan and when ever I go through and build my framing, I end up with some really long pieces on my materials list. I am trying to figure out if there is a way I can define a maximum length that the program will use in creating wall framing. It seems to be mostly top and bottom plates that are the problem, but happens with my roof framing occasionally, too. I know I can manually edit them in 3D framing view. Just hoping there is a simpler way I haven't found yet.

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I'm about to step out of the office and don’t have time to give you a good answer, but if you want a good answer, it might help if you were to clarify the following:


  1. Are you wanting to modify the model, the material list, or both?
  2. Exactly WHY do you need to do so?
  3. How do you intend to use the information? 


There are several possible solutions depending on your answers to the above, but the easiest is probably simply to utilize some of the Material List and Structural Member Reporting capabilities.  You can also modify the 3D model itself or use schedules though.  It really depends on what you're after and how you intend to use the information.  

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My best guess is that you have "Linear Length" set for the Structural Member Reporting.

In your ML, there should be a drop down called Lumber Reporting Method Control.

This is probably set to Linear Length, which will give the total for that object (say, fir plate, fir stud, etc).


Change this to Cut List or Buy List and see what happens to the ML - these should now report as Size and a Count for each size.


You can set the defaults in the Structural Member Reporting Defaults.


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