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Hi All just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue with Chief as we are.

Is Chief Architect going to consider developing a networkable , multi user format for those of us who have more than two employees and endeavouring to manage large projects over various disciplines..

Our office works on medium to large commercial projects where files are constantly being modified and worked on 6 months or more in duration and on various elements of the same model.

Because the files are linked between details , wet area layouts elevations and floor plan etc etc, our productivity is limited to one user on the file at any one time.


thanks in advance



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That is a good question for Scott Harris and the other persons who run Chief Architect Inc. I worked with the now Vice President of Scholastic Sales, Debbie Gray as a trainer back in 2005 where we serviced those University's and schools that used networked versions for classroom deployment. Not the same as a corporate environment but similar. In any case end users do not determine such functionality, rather it is persons like Dermot Dempsey and others who develop Chief's programming and deployment, ask them, directly please, they do listen and care..



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Are you talking about sharing a license or a sharing a content. 


With a content you probably need to install some sort of DMS (Document Management Systems) or  just make sure this is NOT a website management system e.g. like Wix, Drupal, Zoomba <- NOT these. There you could store and version not just plan but also all the related documentation. Every employee can see project files and the related documentation. Most allow multi-versioning, store additional design files HVAC  generated by other software RHVAC. 


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      I work in an office setting with two coworkers, and we are trying to figure out a way to have one shared User Library. Our current setup has one computer hosting all of our project files, with each of our individual computers having remote access to the file directory. Our computers have Chief set up individually, with our own libraries and data directories currently. Our primary desire is to share the libraries we've each created for materials and color swatches, as well as custom models. We do work for 40-50 facilities, and they like to change up their materials and colors relatively often, so keeping all of it coordinated and organized can be difficult. 
      Our desire is to have a shared User Library on the host computer that we all have access to, that will update itself without us having to constantly export and import the libraries for each other. Kind of like how Chief will automatically check for updates to the library catalogs you can download from the website. This way if one of us creates new items in our own library, it will update for everyone.
      I've searched Google and the forums multiple times over the last couple days and have found that it should be possible, but the "solutions" are either for a much older version of Chief, the people involved don't describe how they set it up, or they use an extra 3rd-party application to help. Our company is extremely strict about what we install on our machines, so we can't guarantee they would approve a small program we download from what they may consider to be a questionable site. The specific solution i'm thinking of was set up for OneDrive, too, so i'm not sure it would even work for us. OneDrive is a potential option, but again, we'd like to avoid the extra programs involved in that solution. Surely there should be a way to set this up with Chief alone by now? I tried creating a folder on our shared drive and redirecting my own User Library there, but it didn't update itself when I scanned after having a coworker make a change to one of the libraries I had created and re-export it to said folder. 
      Thanks in advance!
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      Just updated from x6 to x7. Imagine my surprise to get an error message about a drive not available instead of getting my plan on screen.
      Support says, "we've never supported saving to a network." It's my risk, it's my work flow. My work system has a small SSD, and I always have saved my plans to the NAS that gets backed up every night. Now, I can't open my plans without moving them to my local drive, which can only hold a couple projects at a time.
      Has anybody found a workaround for this?
      jay plesset
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      We are a design build office considering purchasing a new drafting software, and it seems as though Chief has almost everything we are looking for. 
      From searching here and looking over prior threads, I understand that the program doesn't have support for multiple users working on files that are stored on a network server.
      If you have multiple users who need to work on a file (not at the same time), how do you keep track of the modifications? 
      Are you using a third party software program to control the file locking and copying the file from the server down to the local machine's hard drive and copy the modified version back up?
      Looking for ideas on what real people are finding works for them in an office environment.

      All of our people are using Windows now, but there is some interest in moving to the Mac for on site work, so an ideal solution would work on both platforms.