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I am wondering if there is an easy way to change the height of a current 2nd floor level.  During my initial measurement of an existing home, I thought the floor joists were 2X12's but in actuality they are 2X10's.  Now after discovering this during the construction process I need to make a few corrections but without the correct floor height it is making it challenging.  My question to you all is, is there and easy way to change the height of the second floor all at once without having to go into each room and change the floor level? 

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16 minutes ago, solver said:

You can change the defaults under Floor Ceiling Platform, and/or change the structure under Current Floor.



In my (short) experience, this would be effective if you had set this default before creating rooms.  If, like me, you had gone with, for example, an 8' default at the start and wanted to make the ground floor 9' afterwards, you would then have to open each room on that ground floor and check 'default' next to ceilings relative heights.


As I see it, if you have floors of varying heights you'll need to set the default height of each floor before you start creating rooms.


@Solver: does this make sense?

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14 minutes ago, cv2702 said:

@Solver: does this make sense?


Build a 2 floor structure. Go to the 2nd floor defaults. You can change the ceiling height on both floors.


You can also use Edit>Reset To Defaults to make changes after setting defaults, or to return to already set defaults.

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On ‎4‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 3:19 PM, Dermot said:

You might want to try changing the "Current Floor" defaults for the second floor and then use the "Reset to Defaults" tool under the main Edit menu.

See it is the little things like this that help so much.  I had no idea you could even reset the defaults under the edit menu.


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