Concrete column & beam structure with brick infill panels


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What is the best method to draw a 2 storey concrete column and beam structure with the cavity brick infill panels that are 50mm proud of the concrete.


I have drawn the concrete and beam as slabs and the a single skin of brickwork (inner cavity skin) and then a slab for the outer brick shin. This gives a true layout for elevations. but this makes it difficult to place windows through the cavity.


I am trying to generate a model of an existing building for alterations.


Anyone have experience on this style?


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I have not drawn it yet. I have attached photo of the existing structure which shows the concrete column and beam structure set in 50mm from the brick cavity. 


This will be difficult to draw using the CA cavity system as the wall will cover the columns and beam. Thus my thinking to drawing the internal brick skin only and then manually draw the outer skin, columns & beams in slab form so I can manipulate the inset concrete structure and proud brickwork. If the concrete was proud with conventional drawing cavities would be OK.


I have attached a screenshot of the section of the building I have drawings to illustrate the layout. The plan file, which is part of the overall development is larger than 25MB limit so I cannot upload the complete file. (too much other info anyway) On the attached screen shot I have drawn the column as a 3D slab with the outer brick skin as a slab. I have placed the windows in inner shin brickwork, drawn as a 110mm brick wall and adjusted the window frame and off set to force the window through the outer brickwork drawn as a slab. 


Hopefully there is a simpler system


screenshot Geraldton Yacht Club GF.pdf


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Just run into another snag.


I adjusted the material regions wall  in default whilst in the upper level, then viewed the elevation and drew, with a rectangular polyline the area of the material region and converted the rectangle to a material region. As long as I am in the upper level in elevation the material converts ok but as soon as produce it in the ground level the material region is not displaying in the both the plan view and the elevations.


Strange. Can you help?



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The Material Region needs to be draw on the elevation level that you want it to appear on in plan view.  If it covers more than one level you may be able to make a copy to move it to another level in plan view.  Not sure why it would not show in plan view if the layer is turned on.  Are you using the new Saved Plan Views ?  Have you updated to v.

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