Roof Return Issue

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I have a file I am working on the has an entry in the center. I have it mostly finished but cannot get the roof return correct. Also the Garage is -12" from the floor grade with mono slab. Every time i move it, it screws up something. Anyone have time to play with it? or can explain what I did wrong? The middle attic wall is floating, and would not generate a return, so I pulled it from one side.

This one is being designed between HD pro 18 and X9



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I dont understand why the roof over that section can't be selected - and yet nothing is locked.



Never mind, i see you are using auto dutch gable settings.  Just make each side have the same baseline height - right now they are different.

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Everything needs to be correct for auto returns to work.


Align the walls side to side. Mark the walls as Full Return.


Delete the attic level.


Delete the fence section that connects to the house.


Auto build the roof.


The roof should be correct.


Enter -12 into the Floor field of the Garage. Rebuild the foundation.



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